USAICSUnited States Army Intelligence Center & School
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In addition to the training mission, USAICS had the added mission of combat development as it related to intelligence doctrine, organization, and material studies.
While USAICS grew at Fort Huachuca, the ASATC&S at Fort Devens continued to train SIGINT Soldiers in the areas of Morse, Non-Morse, and equipment maintenance.
An Intelligence Organization and Stationing Study (IOSS), ratified by the Army leadership in 1975, paved the way for the eventual consolidation of all MI training at USAICS. The ASA Training Center and School at Fort Devens transferred to U.S.
These factors led TRADOC to direct USAICS to cross-train officers in the three primary disciplines (HUMINT, SIGINT, and Imagery Intelligence [IMINT]), reversing the previous trend to train specialists.
In 1978, USAICS stood up an Office of Reserve Training (ORT), the only such organization in a TRADOC school.
For Reservists on the SIGINT side, when the ASA School transferred to USAICS control, ASA conformed to the TRADOC requirement and built a two-week MOS-qualifying course, but due to continuing issues with classification of SIGINT training materials, the course was held at Fort Devens.
USAICS took over Specialty 37 officer training from Fort Devens in 1982.
Through the 1980s, USAICS continued to gain additional responsibilities.
USAICS also began its own NCO Academy that year, one that would become a model for other academies.
Army Information Systems Command, which had been the senior mission on post since the 1960s, became a tenant activity and USAICS replaced it as the controlling headquarters.
The USAIC student population was comprised of enlisted personnel and officers from all services and several allied nations, and graduates came away from the school with knowledge about their specialty, as well as how they fit within the MI Battlefield Operating System.
Four months later, CSM O'Connor presided over a formal ceremony during which the academy was assigned its own unit identification code and was placed under the command and control of the USAICS Command Group.