USAICoEUS Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (US Army)
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You need to stay engaged in our future force design, whether you are the Staff Sergeant out in the force or the developer at USAICoE.
For several years, USAICoE has been diligently modifying all levels of professional training and education, which will maintain valuable lessons learned while reintroducing warfighting fundamentals and emerging capabilities from the space and cyberspace domains, to fully address challenges faced within the decisive action environment.
Irene Zehmisch is a retired First Sergeant currently serving as a contract future force development analyst for the USAICoE.
He is currently working as a contractor in the Studies and Analysis branch at the USAICoE with over 17 years of force design experience.
At USAICoE, the Doctrine Directorate is responsible for all Army Ml doctrine.
USAICoE doctrine reviews all comments carefully and works with commenters to ensure we fully understand their input and agree on solutions.
The DTAs facilitate communication between, and serve as the principal advisors to, USAICoE senior leadership and the training organizations regarding MOS curriculums (officer and enlisted).
The training received from USAICoE courses affects the development and retention of key analytic competencies and, in turn, MOS proficiency, and mission accomplishment.
The USAICoE Lessons Learned Team is determining the best way to implement a new feature of our program--an online best practices library.
Thinking over the opinions offered by the MICCC students, two things became clear for the USAICoE Lessons Learned Team:
Senior leaders from USAICoE, INSCOM, FORSCOM, and other organizations serve on a special duty assignment as a panel member.
In the fall of 2015, after discussions with the Director of CERDEC, the Director of USAICoE's Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate (CDID) proposed the idea of creating a new MI program between USAICoE and CERDEC.