USAICoEUS Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (US Army)
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At the ISLC, which USAICoE hosted in February, a common discussion was the ability to maintain or increase the intelligence warfighting function's readiness.
The assembled team of almost 30 SMEs was made up of individuals from the TCM-SP, Program Manager DCGS-A; USAICoE NCO Academy; Training, Doctrine, and Support; New System Training and Integration Directorate, and the DA G2.
Historically, USAICoE maximizes the use of intelligence authorizations within MI units (e.g., the MI company) rather than the G-2/S-2 section of another proponent's headquarters and headquarters company (HHC) table of organization and equipment (TOE)/MTOE.
Led by USAICoE and USACCoE and advised by DA G-3 and DA G-2, the team has made great strides during the past 2 years in this integration effort across doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy, but especially in its organization, materiel, and training aspects.
The Lessons Learned Team collaborated with USAICoE's Directorate of Training, Learning Enhancement Branch (LEB), to help streamline our collection, reporting, and production process.
In the first quarter of 2018, the 82nd Airborne Division's 2nd and 3rd BCTs (2/82 BCT and 3/82 BCT) partnered with FORSCOM and USAICoE to conduct pilot exercises to validate new standards and methodologies to train and evaluate U.S.
In response to HQDA Executve Order 048-18, USAICoE recommended a MOS merger at the master sergeant rank.
The link between the Lessons Learned Branch and Doctrine Division at USAICoE is very strong.
USAICoE, since 2011, and currently works as a member of the PED Team.
The proponent, USAICoE, is responsible for developing the standards for certification, based on critical task lists by military occupational specialty (MOS).
While the first JOIA focused exclusively on the integration of the terrestrial layer of SIGINT and EW, USAICoE is simultaneously working in collaboration with the community of interest to solve the significant challenge of conducting aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and EW in an antiaccess/area denial environment.
The decision makers included USAICoE, Department of the Army G-2, U.S.