USAIGUnited States Aircraft Insurance Group (various locations)
USAIGUnited States Aviation Insurance Group (aviation insurance association)
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As a longtime USAIG customer, Aircoastal Helicopters reached out to ETC as a training solution provider approved through the USAIG Safety Bucks program.
ETC is a USAIG approved "Safety Bucks" training center.
McKay, USAIG President & COO said, "We are delighted to welcome Sherry and David as members of the USAIG team.
Prior to joining USAIG, she was a law clerk at Trope & DeCarolis and worked at the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of the Regional Counsel.
is the manager of the USAIG aviation and aerospace pools that provide a complete set of insurance coverages for owners, operators, manufacturers and maintainers of private, corporate and commercial aircraft.
USAU selects business, specifies rates, binds coverages, issues policies, arranges reinsurance, collects premiums, directs litigation, and settles claims on behalf of USAIG and its insureds.