USAISRUnited States Army Institute of Surgical Research
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Colonel Robert Hale, the USAISR representative to the AFIRM, often refers to regenerative medicine as a "game-changer.
However, new technologies being developed by the AFIRM and USAISR provide the ability to close burn wounds using a patient's own skin with less pain in two to three months, as opposed to the six months to one year timeframe of traditional methods.
Rick Jocz, Program Manager, Research Directorate, at USAISR, commented, "The U.
Formal scientific reviews are managed through the USAISR and are conducted by subject matter experts throughout DoD.
USAISR is internationally recognized for casualty care.
Thus, a component of DCR research at USAISR investigates adjuncts that can be used in small volume resuscitation (<2 ml/kg).
Toward this end, USAISR initiated investigations into threshold solutions for bridging this Role-I PCCR capability gap.
We are proud to be working with the USAMRMC and the USAISR," added Dr.
Once a deploying unit has indicated that it wishes to receive the TCCC Transition initiative training, USAISR representatives coordinate a date for a 3-day training session with the deploying units who wish to participate.
Testing conducted in 2000-2001 at USAISR identified a device now known as the one-handed tourniquet (OHT) as an improved device over the available options, and recommendations were made to field this item Feedback from Soldiers using the OHT led to an initiative from USAISR, in 2003, to identify an improved device.
Nine companies responded to the RFI and were asked to provide 10 samples of their tourniquets for testing in human subjects, at the USAISR.
The USAISR is the military's only facility that combines air American College of Surgeon Level I trauma center with an American Burn Association verified burn center.