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Okapi calf, Usala | A rare okapi - an unusual African animal that is the closestliving relative of the giraffe - was born in May.
In the wild the okapi is only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo where their numbers are in decline due to habitat loss and hunting for their meat - and with only 14 okapis in zoos in the UK, the arrival of Usala is an important boost to the breeding programme for the endangered animals.
Para Nielsen e Loranger (2007), a facilidade de uso referese a rapidez com que os usuarios podem aprender a usar alguma coisa, a eficiencia deles ao usala, o quanto lembram daquilo, seu grau de propensao de erros e o quanto gostam de utiliza-la.
Several studies have confirmed the four factor structure and have found it to be a reliable and valid measure of depressive symptoms in older adults (Davidson, Feldman, & Crawford, 1994; Hertzog, Van Alstine, Usala, Hultsch, & Dixon, 1990).
(71.) Sanna S, Busonero F, Maschio A, McArdle PF, Usala G, Dei M, et al.
A new coalition under the title of "The National Unity Coalition" headed by Nehru Abdul Karim has been announced in Baghdad on Saturday.<p>The new coalition comprises some political entities such as Iraqi National Unity Assembly headed by Nehru Abdul Karim, National Dialogue Council headed by Khalaf al-Elayan, Usala Assembly headed by Fadhil al-Maliki Ansar al-Risala Organization headed by Mazin Makkiya as well as other political entities and figures in addition to chieftains.
Classics represented in North America by Kino include the films of Buster Keaton, METROPOLIS, the restored BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, THE BLUE ANGEL, L'AGE D'OR, DERSU USALA and THE MIRROR, THE SACRIFICE and STALKER by Andrei Tarkovsky.
Studies comparing the abbreviated eight-item CES-D with the original 20-item CES-D in terms of validity found that both versions were appropriate for assessing depressive symptoms in the older adult population (Fonda & Herzog, 2001; Hertzog, Van Alstine, Usala, Hultsch, & Dixon, 1990; Kohout et al., 1993).
You will also learn about less well-known African wild roots and fruits such as Masuku, Usala and Mbukutuand.