USAMMAUnited States Army Medical Materiel Agency
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In support of the Army Campaign Plan, the Army Medical Department and USAMMA continue to seek greater avenues of streamlined support for customers throughout the force.
In January 2009, in response to a tremendous increase in workload and the implementation of the ARFORGEN concept, USAMMA embedded M-LNOs in the 404th Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) at Fort Lewis, Washington, the 406th AFSB at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and the 407th AFSB at Fort Hood, Texas.
The Army Materiel Command is working with PM J-AIT and USAMMA to implement active RFID container security sensor tags in all DEPMEDS in storage at Sierra Army Depot.
PRTM and Palladium are proud to be able to make a contribution to the strategic direction for military medical logistics and will leverage our industry knowledge and experience to help USAMMA achieve its core missions in its support for our warfighters and their families.
The USAMMA website provides information on future equipment upgrades, new equipment fieldings, and unit qualification procedures.
Participate in medical symposiums endorsed by USAMMA and AMEDD.
USAMMA performs its mission with the Army Materiel Command (AMC) in areas such as Army pre-positioned stocks (APS), left-behind equipment (LBE), and reset.
To accomplish this task, USAMMA has developed the Medical Materiel Readiness Program (MMRP) to support the Army's most complex medical unit, the combat support hospital (CSH).
If an urgent need for a capability identified by the field requires rapid distribution of new medical technology, USAMMA uses a dual-path approach to meet the need.
While this process was underway, USAMMA addressed an interim solution (the first path).
Inventory all of your SKO, combat lifesaver bags, aid bags, and so on using the latest USAMMA SKO packing lists to ensure that your SKO are fully stocked.
Visit the USAMMA Web site if you have any questions on operator-level maintenance standards for your equipment.