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As a bridging strategy to equip the third MMRP tenet, the Army provided approximately $30 million for equipment and overhead costs to modernize four CSHs under OTSG's and USAMMA's control to support U.
USAMMA's recommendation on reducing unit-assigned equipment included reexamining what was at home station and what belonged to the unit but was stored at Sierra Army Depot in the FORSCOM Hospital Optimization Standardization Program (HOSP).
In fact, the commander of the 18th Medical Command (MEDCOM) and the 121st CSH in Korea requested that USAMMA maintain its CSH based on USAMMA's success with similar units within the APS program located at Camp Carroll, Korea.
In this study, RAND explored many of FORSCOM's concerns and USAMMA's recommendations in great detail with the stakeholders.
Like USAMMA's MMRP initiative, the white paper states that units will be equipped to accomplish the mission.
The medical equipment for the deploying CSH could be sourced from various stockpiles, to include USAMMA's suggested medical centralized management equipment program at Sierra Army Depot (which would ultimately combine the USARC and FORSCOM CSH sets) or other sourcing programs (such as theater-provided equipment and APS).