USAMMCEUnited States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe
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PM J-AIT integrated a commercial sensor application with the RF-ITV server and upgraded the ITV network nodes with sensor read capabilities along the demonstration's distribution routes from USAMMCE to final destinations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The demonstrations at Sierra Army Depot and USAMMCE and in the CENTCOM AO have paved the way for future MEMS and sensor tag implementations.
With hundreds of TempTale monitors travelling to destinations throughout the world, a system had to be developed that would comprehensively track and record the readings and disposition of each temperature-controlled package that was shipped from a USAMMCE dock.
The TempTale Monitor Control system is a Microsoft Access-based program that allows USAMMCE to monitor, track, and provide clinical disposition on all cold-chain material received by and shipped from the USAMMCE distribution center.
The ability to monitor a transportation or supply vendor's and USAMMCE's cold-chain management success rate is now only a mouse-click away.
When asked about the importance of ensuring that temperature-controlled items arrive within the correct temperature range at their destination, Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey, USAMMCE's D&T chief, stated, "USAMMCE ships over 25,000 pounds of cold-chain medical products and vaccines annually that must be delivered to our customers within 72 hours.
USAMMCE had to support the entire theater, supplemented by local commercial contracts--a time-consuming and expensive process.
Currently, USAMMCE computes ACWT monthly and inputs the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for computation.
After giving this delivery method due consideration, USAMMCE became an advocate of using third-party logistics to expedite the receipt of medical supplies in the theater of operations.
The CHL should meet with the single integrated medical logistics manager (SIMLM), which may he USAMMCE, a medical logistics battalion or company, or the installation medical supply activity, to strengthen their working relationship.