USAMRICDUnited States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (US DoD)
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The study was conducted with the USAMRICD, at their laboratories in Aberdeen, Maryland, under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), a written agreement that allows government laboratories to partner with private industries or academia on research and development projects.
Various graduate medical educational opportunities are available to military providers and scientists through USAMRIID, USAMRICD, and AFRRI, including such courses as the Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties, Field Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties, Hospital Management of CBRNE Casualties, Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation, and other Service-specific courses.
* US Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense (USAMRICD)
The AMLs retained the same close relationship that the 520th TAML established with USACHPPM, USAMRICD and USAMRIID.
The ability of the Test-mate ChE Test System to determine AChE activity under field conditions was evaluated several years ago by the 520th TAML in conjunction with USAMRICD. To mimic nerve agent exposure, USAMRICD spiked blood samples with variable amounts of soman.
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