USAMRU-KUnited States Army Medical Research Unit - Kenya
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coli, influenza, rabies Europe Kingdom USAFSAM 1 USA Norovirus USAMRIID 1 Kenya Rift Valley fever USAMRU-K 15 Cameroon, Kenya, Acute febrile illness, (& GVF) Somalia cholera, dengue, transboundary animal diseases of regional concern, yellow fever WRAIR 3 Kenya, Peru, USA Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Orthobunyavirus spp.
In recent years, the research was coupled with comprehensive HIV care and treatment, an USAMRU-K initiative funded the through the U.
Now, with help from USAMRU-K and PEPFAR funds, more than 40,000 Kenyans receive care and treatment, Shaffer said.
USAMRU-K has a staff of 10 Soldiers, two Army civilians and more than 400 Kenyan contractors--a mix of doctors, nurses, scientists and laboratory technicians, who work together to research, test and prevent disease.
Currently, USAMRU-K is taking part in a vaccine trial that may produce the world's first malaria vaccine for children.
Charla Gaddy runs a laboratory that processes blood, urine, stool and other samples from people taking part in USAMRU-K research--up to 100 tests a day.