USAMUUnited States Army Marksmanship Unit
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Perhaps the most important intangible a student will take away from the USAMU's CQM Course is the close quarters pyramid.
The USAMU Soldiers also promote the Army and assist recruiters.
The USAMU Team was one of more than 30 sniper teams from France, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and different branches of the US military.
Specialist Walton Glenn Eller III of the USAMU Shotgun Team captured the gold and set two Olympic records in men's double trap August 12.
Other members of the USAMU to make the Olympic shooting team include SFCs Jason Parker and Daryl Szarenski in air rifle and SPC Hattie Johnson in women's air rifle.
My USAMU SDM class had Active Army, National Guard, Reserve, and Navy students--and I'm told sometimes there are Air Force and Marine Corps students as well.
Anti, who joined the Army in January 1988, is attached to the USAMU through the World Class Athlete Program.
"This year's Interservice 10-Man Team Match came down to the last two Soldiers and their last 20 shots," USAMU Commander Lt.
The world-class Soldier-athletes of the USAMU also promote the Army and assist recruiters in attracting young Americans to enlist in the Army.
The USAMU supplies the squad designated marksman rifle, ammunition, and advanced combat optical gunsight.
Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Service Rifle Team conducts the Squad Designated Marksman Train the Trainer and the USAMU Service Pistol Team conducts the Close Quarter Marksman Train the Trainers for Soldiers throughout the Army.
Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) at Fort Benning was slated for deactivation in 1998.