USAMUUnited States Army Marksmanship Unit
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Now, I'm with the USAMU and we shoot against my Family.
They spent two weeks at Fort Benning late last year taking part in a Close Quarters Squad Designated Marksman Course conducted by the USAMU.
Hancock saluted the USAMU for preparing him to compete with the world's best skeet shooters.
The shoot-off ended for the USAMU members with Holguin coming out ahead with four hits to Richmond's three.
The USAMU team members proved to be adept problem solvers, primarily due to their subject matter expertise.
A copy of the program/schedule will be available on the USAMU Web site at www.
The world's top skeet, trap and double trap shooters make up the USAMU Shotgun Team, which competes in interservice, national, international and Olympic events.
The USAMU Blue team won its 8th consecutive championship, while Sgt.
We arrived at 0700 and entered the USAMU classroom where we met our lead instructors and support staff.
Between then and the recent Pan-Am Games, USAMU shooters, and thousands of other U.
Despite having seven shooting teams and a custom firearms shop within the ranks of the USAMU, the unit doesn't have a sniper team nor teach sniper skills at any of the marksmanship training courses.
Specialist Walton Glenn Eller III of the USAMU Shotgun Team captured the gold and set two Olympic records in men's double trap August 12.