USAPEECUSA Poultry and Egg Export Council (Stone Mountain, GA)
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The USAPEEC said it intends to take full advantage of this opportunity, retaining legal counsel both in Mexico and the US.
industry, USAPEEC and its legal team argued that the Ukrainian petitioners did not prove that U.
USAPEEC also lauded the work of Volkov Koziakov and Partners, its Ukrainian law firm, along with its U.
Margaret Say, Regional Director for USAPEEC, "The USAPEEC and its members are pleasedwith the exposure and sales achieved from Food&HotelVietnam in 2007.
While the United States government provides no subsidies for poultry or egg exports, USAPEEC does administer funds under the Market Access Program for export promotion.
Toby Moore, vice president of communications, joined USAPEEC in 1993.
Feedinfo News Service interviewed Dr Renan Zhuang, director of economic analysis at the USAPEEC, to find out where he sees the main challenges facing his association's membership.
Based in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USAPEEC has 13 international offices in major export markets including China, Russia, and Mexico, etc.
He was speaking as a Council member of USAPEEC, but his Springdale, Arkansas-based company already exports poultry to England, Japan and other markets, so what he had to say was relevant and informed.
USAPEEC, he advised, was one of 60 cooperators who work with the Foreign Agricultural Service's government-supported programs that support the export of agricultural products.