USAPIUnited States Association of Professional Investigators
USAPIUnited States Associated Pacific Islands
USAPIUnited States Affiliated Pacific Islands
USAPIUnited States Army Peacekeeping Institute
USAPIUnión de Sindicatos y Asociaciones Profesionales Independientes (Spanish: Independent union of Unions and Professional Associations)
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Coverage with individual vaccines varied considerably across USAPI jurisdictions.
Vaccination coverage in the five USAPI assessed was lower than the national targets established by each jurisdiction and varied widely among children aged 2 years.
The results of this health facility-based assessment can serve as a baseline for coordinated USAPI and CDC programs to improve vaccination coverage.
The primary focus of the contract was on enabling effective MTB control through the delivery of laboratory and diagnostic services to the USAPI. Respiratory specimens consisting of either 2 or 3 expectorated sputum samples were collected within a 24-hour period according to recommendations of the World Health Organization or CDC.
This study was approved by the institutional review board of the Queen's Medical Center and each of the involved USAPI jurisdictions.
We obtained baseline characteristics for patients from the various regions of the USAPI (Table 1).
Through a unique collaboration between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) DEVELOP National Program and climatologists from NOAAs National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), a new satellite-derived rainfall atlas for Hawaii and the USAPI was produced.
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) shape files were used to determine the spatial extent of each island chain within the USAPI. EEZs signify zones where the United States and other marine nations have authority over the natural resources located within those bounds.
The stations found within the USAPI region that are used in the GPCP algorithm are sparse, potentially explaining some of the disagreement in the sensitivity analysis between the PERSIANN-CDR and station precipitation amounts.
Therefore, to further enable our clients in the USAPI region to develop a more efficient, long-term response plan, SST and wind predictors are combined to offer increased capability in sea level forecasting on longer time scales.
Therefore, the current USAPI region-focused sea level products were discussed.
Each of these stations show the highest skills with 0-season lead; the skill gradually decreases as the season advances and, similar to the USAPI region, this is somewhat expected in the non-USAPI region.