USARCSUnited States Army Claims Service
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Any USARCS Claims Attorney (CA) and Claims Investigator assigned will need support in adjudicating the claim.
For more in-depth information on specific case issues, the higher headquarters for technical oversight is USARCS at Fort Meade, Maryland.
Visit the USARCS website, peruse the available resources, and familiarize yourself with the affirmative claims discussion board.
Steve Kelly, Chief, Personnel Claims Branch, (10) departed from USARCS for Missouri to assist in the payment of emergency claims.
The USARCS currently hosts two Deployment Claims Conferences each year at Fort Meade.
(9) In such circumstances the Commander, USARCS, may authorize the CLASP as an exception to the Army claims regulation on a case-by-case basis.
(89) Such claims should also be coordinated with the appropriate Area Action Officer at USARCS. (90)
In terms of administrative claims, there will likely be a need for an increase in the number of tort attorneys and investigators assigned to the local installation Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) as well as USARCS. The Army may also need to study the benefits of maintaining this two tier settlement authority structure within the administrative phase, and consider the possibility of investing the area claims office with full $200,000 settlement authority.
The Commander, USARCS, or the Chief of a Command Claims Service will appoint foreign claims commissions (FCCs) to adjudicate the claims.
Claims professionals who were unable to participate in the training can obtain information on the program from the USARCS Internet site.
(8) In addition, Area Action Officers (AAOs) from USARCS can conduct training on a number of subjects.
currency, or the currency of a country other than that of the payee's country of residence, obtain permission from the Commander, USARCS. Where payment must be approved at USARCS or a higher authority, USARCS will complete and sign the voucher and forward it to the original commission for local payment.