USARIEMUnited States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
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The USARIEM and L-3 Communications Corporation (San Diego, CA) developed the PAtracker, a novel PA tracking software designed specifically for direct observation in the BCT environment.
And USARIEM's outstanding scientists, Soldiers and support staff (are) proud to be engaged in supporting that mission."
"Everything that a soldier wears in terms of clothing, boots, helmets, protective gear, backpacks, anything that they carry with them (except for weapons) is developed here in Natick," said Christopher Joyce, USARIEM. "We're the science behind the soldier."
USARIEM scientists are investigating the use of pre-exposure to high-altitude conditions to prevent altitude sickness to help Soldiers who need to make sudden and prolonged ascents to altitudes of 5,000 to 14,000 feet.
(24) A novel PA tracking software (PAtracker), designed specifically for this type of direct observation and developed jointly by L3-Communications (San Diego, CA) and the USARIEM, was used in this study.
Cadarette BS, Montain SJ, "Cross validation of USARIEM heat strain prediction model," Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine, vol.
The authors also gratefully acknowledge the numerous insights provided by Richard Gonzalez of USARIEM.
As Hiatt pointed out, USARIEM usually has three doctors, four medics and a physician assistant tending to the HRVs.
The SCENARIO model developed by the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) simulates human thermoregulatory and cardiovascular responses for a variety of environmental conditions, work rates, and clothing options (Kraning and Gonzalez 1997).
Stephen Muza, Mountain Medicine Group team leader of USARIEM's Thermal and Mountain Medicine Division.
The [R.sub.clt] values were measured for a range of air speeds on an articulated thermal manikin at USARIEM. To is defined as To = (hcTa + hrTr)/(hc + hr), where Ta and Tr are the air and meant radiant temperatures.