USARJUnited States Army, Japan
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The Army Chief of Staff office announced May 31 that the USARJ Legal Assistance Office was among the winners.
Noting the extreme concern, the Commander, USARJ agreed that pets could be a part of the voluntary departure.
USARJ and JGSDF NA complement and strengthen each other as partners in peace.
Each year USARJ organizes a home visit program (HVP), in which Americans are invited into Japanese homes for dinner and socializing.
Paul Goyne, emergency evacuation program manager for USARJ; and Paul Fameli, chief of plans and operations, USAG Japan.
"If you are a (Department of the Army) civilian, a contractor, assigned or attached to USARJ and have (Status of Forces Agreement) status, guess what?
"The exercise was a tremendous success," said LTC William Montgomery, battalion commander and G-6, USARJ. "The 78th's HFRD team performed superbly, receiving praise from the USARJ EOC personnel for their quality support.
The concept for the concert came from a casual conversation Endo had with the previous USARJ Band commander when the two met at a separate event, he said.
Brooke Hendricks, assigned to USARJ Band, performed at the concert for the first time this year and didn't know what to expect from the collaborative event, but she said she was very pleased with the performance after seeing the audience's faces and reactions.