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USARSUnited States Army Regimental System
USARSUnited States of America Roller Sports (skating)
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(23) Accordingly, the USAR ASM must provide adequate support for the required contracting officer determinations.
(26) This set-up is the traditional method for contacts which use single-year funds, such as Operations and Maintenance USAR (O&M) funding, which are also referred to as category "2080" funds.
The USAR requiring activity may use the ASM to communicate information that informs and advocates for the requiring activity position concerning the contracting officer's evaluation of whether to set aside certain acquisitions for small businesses.
(35) Input from the USAR requiring activity in the ASM assists the contracting officer in reaching the required determination.
In cases where the USAR requiring activity anticipates the performance of the contract would give a contractor access to non-public information, which could give the contractor a competitive advantage in other acquisitions, the requiring activity avoids the resulting "unequal access to information" problem (38) by recommending award of the contract to a small business that is unlikely to compete for the other acquisitions.
Similarly, a USAR requiring activity recommendation to award to a small business avoids potential protests by large businesses in cases that otherwise may require exclusion of some, but not all, large businesses as sources, because of an "impaired objectivity" problem.
The USAR acquisition planner avoids a "biased ground rules" problem--in which the new acquisition could allow the new contractor to write a statement of work or otherwise set the ground rules for another government contract (40)-by recommending that the contracting officer award the new contract to a small business that is unlikely to compete for the contract that would be impacted by the work of the new contractor.
(44) The contracting officer uses the information contained in the USAR acquisition plan to reach the required contracting officer determinations with regard to the proposed bundling.
(46) Market research, which is already a requirement for all acquisitions, including USAR acquisition plans, is used by the agency head in making the determination.
The following discussion highlights examples of PWS issues encountered when reviewing acquisition planning products prepared by USAR requiring activities and suggests appropriate preventative measures.
(55) The following are common examples of ambiguous descriptions PWSs in USAR acquisitions.
(75) In the USAR, the Army Small Computer Program is the service contract for the acquisition of approved energy-efficient user-level computer products.