USASACUS Atlantic Salmon Assessment Committee (fishing biologists)
USASACUnited States Army Security Assistance Command
USASACUnited States Army Security Assistance Center
USASACUnited States Army Security Affairs Command
USASACUnited States Army Seoul Area Command
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A review of salmon egg production in New England from the early 1980s to 2011 indicated that, on average, repeat spawners produced 2300 more eggs per female than virgin spawners in the Connecticut River, 3000 more eggs/female in the Sheepscot River, and 3100 more eggs/female in the Merrimack River (USASAC (3)).
Through trust, teamwork, transparency, and the Total Package Approach (what I call the 4T s) USASAC successfully manages more than 5,000 FMS cases in more than 150 nations.
USASAC was located at Fort Belvoir until September 2009, when it became the first flag-level command to move to Redstone Arsenal, a full two years ahead of the BRAC schedule.
GAO estimates USASAC and CSTC-A did not maintain complete records for about 87,000, or 36 percent, of the 242,000 U.S.-procured weapons shipped to Afghanistan.
Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) to travel to the nations it works with.
Topics discussed at recent meetings include FMS Organization restructuring at USASAC; implementation of e-commerce and vendor certification programs at TACOM and TACOM's overall reorganization.
The United States Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) concept for performance management directly links performance metrics to the command strategy.
Brock 0745 - 0845 Training Panel + Q&A--DSCA, USASAC, Navy IPO, AFSAC/AFSAT --Briefers TBD 0845 - 0930 Transportation Panel (CAA, EFTS, ISPM-15, Hazardous Materials)--DSCA, Navy, AFSAC --Briefers TBD 0930 - 0945 Break 0945 - 1015 SAO Perspective --DISAM/DI--Lieutenant Colonel Mark Karas, USA, Former Azebaijan SAO 1015 - 1115 Voice of the Customer--FPG/ICUG and FLO Panel --4 Briefers--Major Bart Eissing, ICUG Chair 1115 - 1245 Lunch 1245 - 1315 Letter of Request Development --DISAM/DM--Mr.