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USATUSA Today (newspaper)
USATUSA Triathlon
USATUniversal Satellite
USATUltra Small Aperture Terminal
USATUnited States Army Transport
USATUnited Savings Association of Texas
USATUnited States Archery Team
USATUniversal SIM Application Toolkit
USATUnix System Administration Team (APG)
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The inherent benefit that the USAT and Gimme solution brings to our business is the accuracy that reduces sell outs, spoils and bring backs, along with a cashless payment system that has consistently increased sales for us.
USAT Logistics has announced ambitious growth expectations and is expanding its service portfolio as well as market coverage.
La opcion ocasionalmente, es la respuesta con mayor frecuencia en los alumnos de la USAT (Peru) con un porcentaje del 34.
The Bankruptcy Court upheld Delphi's setoff rights, subject to restrictions imposed by the Bankruptcy Code to the extent the setoff rights arose during the 90 days prior to USAT's bankruptcy filing when USAT was insolvent.
Four crew members were injured when they jumped off the Boeing 737 following the explosion, said Usat Borasutra, deputy chief of Thailand's civil aviation department.
He had been a young man at the time, and his father, Usat Apuoi, had helped to hide Hudden from the Japanese.
By the time USAT failed in 1988, Hurwitz had already gained the attention of regulators.
USAT paid USD 65 million in cash and issued shares of USAT common stock valued pursuant to the merger agreement at USD 19.
A leading capacity solutions provider headquartered in Van Buren, AR, USA Truck, has rebranded its asset-light logistics business, formerly known as Strategic Capacity Solutions, to USAT Logistics.
We are excited to be launching this new distribution relationship with USAT," said Betson's vice president of sales and business development, Jonathan Betti.
Experienced instructors are all USAT certified and the school is rated as one of the top Martial Arts schools in the US.
Michael Lawlor, USAT's senior vice president of sales and business development, said, "This agreement with Ice House America is a great example of how USAT is reaching beyond traditional vending to leverage the breadth of our cashless payment & telemetry services.