USAUUnited States Aviation Underwriters, Inc
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As Africa's future largely depends on the transformation of its agricultural sector, USAU works closely with the AU to offer increased public and private investment in agriculture, bolstering food security and economic development.
On its 10th anniversary, USAU is committed to its partnership with the AU to realize our shared vision of a more peaceful, democratic and prosperous Africa.
As lead insurer for both USAir and Ogden, USAU hired separate counsel for the companies and monitored their investigation of likely liability exposure.
USAU and Brennan were indicted in federal court in 1995, on charges that they had defrauded USAir and USAIG's insurers and reinsurers by allocating the loss solely to USAir.
McKay joined USAU in 1978 and held various positions of increasing responsibility over the years.
USAU is a subsidiary of General Re Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.
Assignments to USAU provide the opportunity to work with a unique multilateral organization that addresses a range of transnational issues affecting U.
USAU reports on these issues and on the AU-sponsored continental meetings.
Tad Montross, President and Chief Underwriting Officer of General Re Corporation, said, "Throughout his career at USAU, Dave has exhibited a high degree of integrity and the leadership qualities that make him the ideal candidate for Chief Operating Officer.
Doody has 25 years of claims management experience at USAU.
Harold worked at USAU for 34 years, and the leadership he provided during his tenure as Chairman helped USAU become the industry leader in the aviation insurance market," said Mr.
Air Force, he joined USAU in 1974 as an aviation underwriter and held a number of progressively responsible positions.