USAUUnited States Aviation Underwriters, Inc
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USAU Deputy Chief of Mission Jessica Davis Ba said, "Every day is different--we may be delivering remarks at the AU Peace and Security Council, collaborating with AU colleagues to shape interventions on the election crisis in The Gambia, coordinating policy responses with our international partners on South Sudan, or building awareness and support for the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)."
"USAU was instrumental in galvanizing support and coordinating efforts on the ground," noted Col.
As Africa's future largely depends on the transformation of its agricultural sector, USAU works closely with the AU to offer increased public and private investment in agriculture, bolstering food security and economic development.
On its 10th anniversary, USAU is committed to its partnership with the AU to realize our shared vision of a more peaceful, democratic and prosperous Africa.
USAU acts as manager for an unincorporated consortium of some 15 insurance companies, known as United States Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG), whose members pool their resources to insure aviation-related risks.
As lead insurer for both USAir and Ogden, USAU hired separate counsel for the companies and monitored their investigation of likely liability exposure.
USAU and Brennan were indicted in federal court in 1995, on charges that they had defrauded USAir and USAIG's insurers and reinsurers by allocating the loss solely to USAir.
In the summer of 2012, PRF built on its temporary support to USAU, provided by PRF's Matthew Goldstein, to establish in Addis Ababa IO's first permanent overseas position outside the traditional multilateral capitals.
system, provides critical diplomatic and policy support to USAU. The deployment of an IO multilateral affairs officer to USAU, along with TDY support from IO/PRF, has been a force multiplier for the mission, enhancing our diplomacy with both the U.N.
Assignments to USAU provide the opportunity to work with a unique multilateral organization that addresses a range of transnational issues affecting U.S.
"USAU gives you the chance to work issues that touch every corner of the continent, and that's fascinating," said the military liaison, Navy Captain Jeff Landsman.
USAU reports on these issues and on the AU-sponsored continental meetings.