USAWCUnited States Army War College
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7) In addition to the broad guidance in the OPMEP, faculty qualification requirements in a recent job announcement for a PoP position at the USAWC included the following: "Ability to prepare, teach, and lecture on subjects related to the theory and practice of military strategy, campaign planning, defense management, and joint and combined military operations.
The ceremony was attended by a number of the US army commanders and officers taking part in the current course being held in the USAWC in which officers from various countries around the world are taking part.
There is no room for gaps in training our military elites, and we are honored to partner with USAWC to help them prepare military personnel in a way that truly fosters collaboration and real-time engagement.
Each year approximately 300 officers from across the Armed Forces participate in USAWC seminars of the Resident Education Program (REP) throughout a 10-month opportunity to "confer on the three great problems of national defense, military science, and responsible command.
The USAWC also provides over 30 hours of cultural material in the Regional Studies Electives and more than 600 curricular elective hours contain cultural content.
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Campbell, Director, Center for Strategic Leadership and Development, USAWC
to conduct outreach programs that benefit the USAWC, the US Army,