USB2Universal Serial Bus Version 2
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We tested the GoFlex over USB2 and USB3 the USB3 adapter costs an extra [pounds sterling]22 from More Computers.
Camcorders are covered by the inclusion of Firewire and USB2 ports on the front of the reader - so no more rummaging around at the back of the PC when you want to plug something in.
The LaCie 32x10x40 CD-RW is available now for the price of GBP199+VAT for the USB2 version and GBP219+VAT for the FireWire version.
Microchip s four-member USB553XB-5000 family is the industry s most flexible, as it includes a seven-port hybrid version with a certified four-port USB3 hub and three additional USB2 lanes.
The portable ABSplus is available with the choice of USB2.
1" LCD display, 2 x USB2 and easy cable management.
Both extension wotsits use the new, high-speed USB2.
Macally, a world-class designer and manufacturer of next-generation mobile and in-home electronics, introduces its IceCam 2 USB2.
In its dual SATA disk mode, the OXU931DS supports both disk striping (RAID 0) and disk spanning for larger storage capacity applications, via the standard USB2.
The adapters connect to any open notebook PC or desktop PC's USB2.
Once the software is installed you just connect the drive to a PC's USB2 port and Windows instantly recognises it as a new drive in "My Computer".