USB2Universal Serial Bus Version 2
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Etron executives stressed that the host controller carries the company's patented technologies, allowing it to be compatible with USB2.0 specification and read data 1.3 folds faster than its cousin and write data 1.4 folds faster.
The FreeAgent GoFlex, Seagate's latest portable hard disk, comes with a removable USB2 adapter instead of a fixed USB2 port.
The drive is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities and can reach transfer speeds of up to 125MB/s when attached to a USB3.0 port and up to 43MB/s when attached to a USB2.0 port.
By providing Serial ATA2 high-speed interfaces for HDD and SSD devices to accelerate data transmission speed, and by equipping USB2.0 ports, the SiS968 supports connecting with multiple peripheral devices, the Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11 b/g PCI-Express WLAN networking for high speed web surfing.
It's sophisticated but simple to use and images can be replayed and downloaded easily to a computer via a USB2 connection.
A high-speed USB2.0 port receives external commands and sends MPEG streams and captured images to a host.
The chip integrates Protocol Adaptation Layers, a Media Access Controller (MAC), a baseband processor, RF transceivers, and USB2.0 and SDIO interfaces.
It has connections for an included AC adapter, earphone, AV output, and USB2.0 port.
A low ISO setting enables a camera to capture photos with very little noise.Besides these differences the two cameras are alike in that both use Secure Digital (SD) memory, make use of Nikon's own 3D Color Matrix Metering II image processing engine and support USB2.0.The D40x, like its predecessor, is offered without a built-in focus motor so only Nikon's own AF-S and AF-I lenses can be used for auto focusing.
For External FireWire and USB2 drives, no installation is required, since they are plug'n play ready.
The viewer is compatible with Windows and Mac through its USB2 connection.