USBCDCUS Bancorp Community Development Corporation (St. Louis, MO)
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For information, visit USBCDC on the web at
Carlson added, We are pleased to continue building our relationship with Canadian Solar and USBCDC.
The USBCDC VP Adam Altenhofen commented, Canadian Solar is bringing an important piece of the renewable energy framework to North Carolina with this project.
Recurrent Energy obtained tax equity investment of about $101m from US Bancorp Community Development Corporation (USBCDC) in the same year for the solar project.
Bank, which provide jobs to local communities, while delivering clean, reliable energy to the state of California," said Adam Altenhofen, Vice President of USBCDC.
Canadian Solar chairman and chief executive officer Shawn Qu said: Investment in clean energy projects from industry leading investors and financiers such as USBCDC and the lender club demonstrates the success of the solar industry moving into our mainstream energy mix.
USBCDC is making a tax equity investment in the project under a separate agreement.
The BLED112 is Bluetooth v4.0 single-mode compliant, supports master and slave modes, and allows up to eight connections, and implements a USBCDC interface for host OS communicates.