USBGUnited States Botanic Garden
USBGUnited States Bartenders Guild
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Ned Duggan, VP, Managing Director for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, said: "Nine years ago, when BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin first partnered with the USBG for the 'Most Imaginative Bartender Competition,' we couldn't have imagined that interest in the world of craft bartending would have grown so tremendously, both in numbers and in passion.
About USBG The USBG is the largest network of professional bartenders in the U.
Although our Monday mixing competitions do not focus on time limits or precision, Ronaldo Colli of Americano, continued to concentrate on this and went on to win first prize for technical execution in the USBG national competition two years running.
11, when all 46 bartenders prepared their inspired cocktails for an elite panel of USBG representatives.
The USBG Legacy Cocktail Showcase Sponsored by BACARDy[bar] showcases the 'best of the best' in the cocktail trade, providing a stage from which participants can share their innovative creations.
In the coming weeks, USBG will hold regional showcases in New York and Los Angeles in order to name the six additional semi-finalists who will join the Portland winners at the U.
A testament to the city's intense bartending community: The San Francisco USBG chapter currently is its largest, with about 80 members out of a total national membership of close to 600.
With nearly a million visitors annually and located on Capitol Hill, the USBG strives to demonstrate and promote sustainable practices for individuals, organizations, and institutions.
The New York World Wine and Spirits Competition is one of the largest competitions for the retail beverage industry in the world and has attracted top professional Judges from restaurants, bars and clubs, food and beverage buyers, USBG mixologists, educators, beverage directors, columnists, writers, sommeliers and chefs.
The USBG Competition Committee will supervise the match.
Don Q will work closely with individual chapters and their membership, providing education on the history, allure, production and usage of rums of all types while providing beverage professionals with the educational support they need to journey through the three levels of the USBG Master Accreditation Program.
Charles Joly's journey began in the fall of 2013, as the USBG and World Class program entered its third year in the Unites States.