USBLUnited States Basketball League
USBLUltra-Short Baseline (acoustic positioning system)
USBLUniform Straight Bill of Lading (shipping)
USBLUS Backgammon League
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SapuraAcergy needed USBL with higher accuracy than their old versions and inertial-acoustic systems for DP and ROV positioning.
Previous Clubs: Caja Rioja, Spain (2006-07), Newcastle Eagles (2005-06), Efes Pilsen Istanbul, Turkey (2005-transferred), Scottish Rocks (2005-transferred), Newcastle Eagles (2002-05), Fisica, Portugal (2001-02), Atlantic City Seagulls, USBL (2001), WBC Wels, Austria (2000-01), Newcastle Eagles (1999-2000)
8220;We wanted a system we could rely on to accurately and precisely position both the EM source and the seabed receivers and that could work alongside the other USBL system we also have onboard.
Hyatt twice linked up with the Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs in the USBL, who were coached by the legendary NBA star Darryl Dawkins, nicknamed Chocolate Thunder and famous for his backboard-smashing antics in the NBA during the 80s.
The USBL has provided an opportunity for players to improve and showcase their skills for the National Basketball Association, Continental Basketball Association and International clubs around the world.
The company has upgraded the Ranger 1 system installed on the SEAMEC Princess to Sonardyne's current generation USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) platform, Ranger 2 Pro, the highest specification system available.
Ridges, a 6-foot-1 point guard, joins the team after spending time playing professionally in the USBL and NBDL, as well as Holland and, most recently, in the France "A" league.
The Delta submersible was tracked by using an ORE Trackpoint II plus (ORE Offshore, West Wareham, MA) USBL system and WINFROG (vers.
This game will not only mark the official start to the 2005 USBL season, but it will also be the first game ever played in Nebraska Cranes history.
6G products include Ranger 2 USBL, a high performance acoustic tracking and vessel positioning system that is widely used to monitor the position of ROVs, AUVs and towfish conducting surveys in deep and shallow water.
Joseph, who has played professionally in Austria and China as well in the USBL and NBDL, averaged 12.
The Eagles' Terrell Owens, who has a NFL-best 13 touchdown catches, played basketball for three years at Tennessee-Chattanooga and like Moss dipped his toe into the USBL, a developmental league.