USBLUnited States Basketball League
USBLUltra-Short Baseline (acoustic positioning system)
USBLUniform Straight Bill of Lading (shipping)
USBLUS Backgammon League
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The system uses the Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) method to calculate the position of a subsea target, in this case Thien Nam's ROV, by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel-mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder mounted on the target.
Previous Clubs: Caja Rioja, Spain (2006-07), Newcastle Eagles (2005-06), Efes Pilsen Istanbul, Turkey (2005-transferred), Scottish Rocks (2005-transferred), Newcastle Eagles (2002-05), Fisica, Portugal (2001-02), Atlantic City Seagulls, USBL (2001), WBC Wels, Austria (2000-01), Newcastle Eagles (1999-2000)
Durante 2006, Ming jugo en la USBL (Liga de Baloncesto de Estados Unidos) con el club Dodge City Legend, en Dodge City, Kansas, donde cobraba mil dolares mensuales.
Joseph, who was played professionally in Austria and Mexico as well as the CBA, USBL and NBDL, is the third former Duck on the Chargers roster, joining Jay Anderson and Adam Zahn.
1994: San Martin (Dominican Republic); Atlanta Trojans (USBL)
Her current client list includes 14 athletes, including Tiffani Johnson, who plays for the WNBA world champion Houston Comets, San Antonio Star Toccara Williams, former NBA All-Star Darryl Dawkins, and former USBL Pennsylvania Valley Dawg Will Levy.
Nancy Lieberman - better known as ex-girlfriend of Martina Navratilova - became the first woman to play on a Stateside men's team in the small-time USBL. A few other leagues came and went.
Nancy Lieberman became the first female player to play in a men's league, with the USBL Springfield Fame, in 1986.
Tenders are invited for the marine institute, a semi state body, wishes to invite tenders for the supply of a ultra short baseline acoustic positioning system (usbl) for use on its 65m research vessel celtic explorer and its new replacement research vessel.
The position of the HOV was tracked from the support vessel with WinFrog integrated navigation software (Fugro Pelagos, San Diego, CA) and an ORE Trackpoint II ultra-short baseline (USBL) acoustic tracking system (EdgeTech, West Wareham, MA).
A Ranger 2 USBL system has been installed on the EM Leader survey vessel with DPT 6 mini transponders mounted on the EM source and the dipole at regular intervals along its length.
(3) The transmitter unit of ultrashort baseline (USBL) sonar is mounted on the docking mechanism of moving platform, and the receiving unit of USBL is mounted on UUV.