USBRUnited States Bureau of Reclamation
USBRUnited States Bowen Registry (resource; Prescott, AZ)
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Segun los valores obtenidos por el modelo numerico, la relacion H/[H.sub.D]=1,33 en terminos de presion relativa sobre la gola en x=-0,17[H.sub.D] indica un valor critico para la cavitacion de hp=-0,18[H.sub.D], lo que concuerda con lo indicado por la USBR, estableciendo que una carga hidraulica mas alta que la del diseno, la trayectoria de la lamina de agua sera mas alta en la cresta, creando presiones negativas, resultando en el aumento de la descarga.
The CAP is defined to include a 336-mile aqueduct, the New Waddell Dam, modified Roosevelt Dam and the USBR's 24.3% share, or 547 megawatts (MW), of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS).
When Bernie joined the Division of Atmospheric Water Resources Management, USBR Denver, under Dr.
Its cross section can be circular, as suggested by the USBR with one, two, or three arches [2,5].
The findings of the present study show that the vertical cut off was more effective as compared with horizontal impervious blanket in case of layered foundation being in line with the findings of various researcher (USBR, 1987; Rezk and Senoon, 2012; Rezk and Nasr, 1991).
[10] USBR, Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project, Existing spillway modeling, Discharge Capacity Studies, California, USA, 2009.
The experimental evaluation of pressures applied to the transducer and to the standardized gauge was done with respect to the rules imposed by the Procedure for calibrating pressure transducers USBR 1050-89.
"Hydraulic Elements for USBR Standard Horseshoe Tunnel," J Transportation Engineering Division, ASCE, Vol.
US Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation (USBR)
[C.sub.E] Borehole diameter 1.07 1 correction factor, [C.sub.B] Rod length 0.82 24 correction factor, [C.sub.R] Sample correction 1.2 3 factor, [C.sub.s] Parameter Reference Magnitude scaling from three-sigma factor, MSF rule Stress-reduction from three-sigma coefficient, [r.sub.d] rule moist unit weights, Based on in-place [[gamma].sub.m] density data from several USBR dams SPT blow count, COV=15-40% [N.sub.spt] (from Harr (1984), Kulhawv (1992)) Overburden Based on data from correction factor, [C.sub.N] Castro (1995) Energy correction Based on data for factor.
California's water market got a jump-start with the prolonged drought of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the state's Department of Water Resources (CDWR) and the federal Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) initiated a series of dry-year purchase programs, including water banks to facilitate trades among water users.