USBWUnion Sportive Braine Waterloo (Belgium; athletic club)
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With this capability the WiMAX CPEi 725 and USBw 200 WiMAX devices will automatically transmit on the antenna that is receiving the stronger signal, providing subscribers with a better connection to the network while allowing operators to reduce base station infrastructure requirements.
According to the company, USBw 200 provides super-fast mobile broadband over WiMAX with improved uplink and downlink performance.
The USBw 100 delivers increased range and higher throughput when compared with single-antenna solutions.
Motorola's diverse portfolio of WiMAX desktop CPEs and USB adaptors, including the recently announced USBw 200 and CPEi 725 and several devices that have won industry awards for innovation and design, has delivered the convenience, reliability and quality networking experience that users want.
Mada offers wireless broadband services, including voice and mobile high-speed data, to customers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the region through the use of Motorola's USBw 200, CPEi 775 WiFi units, in addition to products from five additional CPE vendors.
PCR products (5 [micro]L) were purified using standard ExoSap-IT[R] enzyme, (USBW Corporation, Cleveland, OH, USA) and nucleotide sequences were determined for both strands by automated dideoxy sequencing (AbiPrism 3100 sequencer; Applied Biosystems, Carlsbad, CA, USA).