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USCAUniversity of South Carolina Aiken
USCAUS Code Annotated (laws)
USCAUnited States Court of Appeals
USCAUnited States Curling Association
USCAUnited States Code Annotated
USCAUnited States Conference on AIDS
USCAUnited States Copyright Act
USCAUnited States Croquet Association
USCAUnited States Canoe Association
USCAUniversity Students' Cooperative Association
USCAUnited Sidecar Association (motorcyclists)
USCAUnion Sindical de Controladores Aereos (Spanish: Air Traffic Controllers Labor Union; Spain)
USCAUnited States Contractors Association
USCAUS Canola Association
USCAUltrasound Contrast Agent (imaging)
USCAUnited States Carrom Association
USCAUnited States Cavalry Association
USCAUnited States Champion Association
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The USCA was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their community.
But the history of small bubbles as USCA can be traced back to 1968, when Dr Charles Joiner, a cardiologist, made an accidental observation while he was performing M-mode echocardiogram by injecting a patient with indocyanine green through a left ventricular catheter, to measure cardiac output.
A version called "golf croquet" is widely accepted and the USCA even says it "is the best game for beginning players at big events, such as charity fund-raisers, where many people are encouraged to play croquet in a short period of time.
Microsoft can expect a more sympathetic hearing before a seven judge panel of the USCA (two judges having recused themselves) since there is a decided conservative cast to the panel and since this same court has ruled in Microsoft's favor on issues that are relevant to this case.
If USCA members consider Reaske's views somewhat irreverent, they would be more than a little shocked at what goes on in the backyard of Deanna McMullen, the editor of the fledgling, Anaheim-based Croquet Today magazine.
The 2013 USCA Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity.
USCA chairman Kevin MacAllister said: "One of the major concerns was deadlock in the political process.
org/ (select USCA under the "conferences" menu on the left).
It also includes case notes, "more than twice as many as other annotated codes," West said, cross--references to other sections of the code, and library references to the Georgia Administrative Code, USCA, the American Digest System, Westlaw, ALR materials, references, practice sets and forms, and treatises from Harrison Publishing.
42 USCA [sections] 12111(5) and (7) (incorporating the definition of "person" from 42 USCA [sections] 2000e).
Court of Appeals to hear the decision rather than having it go directly to the Court, since the USCA has a greater potential for developing a more comprehensive record, and facts which would be of assistance to the Supreme Court in the ultimate determination.
The 2011 USCA Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity.