USCAAFUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
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First, the USCAAF is a specialized court, like the United States Tax Court or the United States Court of Federal Claims.
Second, unlike Article III appellate courts, the USCAAF has discretion to choose which cases it grants and hears, unless the case extends to death or involves appeal by the Government.
One of the most interesting aspects of the role of judge on the USCAAF is determining how and with what differences constitutional safeguards should apply in the military context.
Finally, the USCAAF hears criminal cases arising in contexts other courts do not address, including cases involving exclusively military offenses like desertion, and those involving service members deployed overseas, both in and out of combat.
An obvious distinction between the USCAAF and other appellate courts is the fact that the court's jurisdiction is exclusively criminal in nature.
Child-Pornography and Sexual-Assault Cases in the USCAAF
The Role and Importance of Oral Argument at the USCAAF
Varied generational, gender, and perhaps ethnic and religious views are also helpful in addressing evolving societal expectations and norms involving sex, privacy, and in the context of the USCAAF, perhaps also the sorts of behavior that do or do not constitute service-discrediting conduct.
(1.) Until 1994, the USCAAF was known as the Court of Military Appeals.