USCAPUnited States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
USCAPUnited States Climate Action Partnership
USCAPUniversity of Sydney Central Asian Programme (est. 1992; Sydney, Australia)
USCAPUnited States Commercial Aviation Partnership
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We felt that the USCAP Annual Meeting was the perfect venue to unveil this important new application.
I think the most dominant aspect of USCAP was the integration of molecular-based technologies into the daily practice of pathology.
USCAP believes that strong climate legislation is a critical element of any effort to stimulate investment and innovation in low-carbon technologies.
So hand-in-hand, the USCAP Baptist and bootleggers trooped up to Capitol Hill in February 2007 calling on lawmakers to enact "a robust cap-and-trade program.
In its "A Call for Action" report released earlier this year, USCAP stated one of its key views: "Each year we delay action to control emissions increases the risk of unavoidable consequences that could necessitate even steeper reduction in the future, at potentially greater economic cost and social disruption.
We are delighted to demonstrate this innovative, all-in-one HD video system at the USCAP annual meeting.
Ten years ago KOPANA started the Spring Seminar in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of USCAP to provide networking, educational, and recreational opportunities for our members.
We are privileged to share such an important artifact as Einstein's brain at USCAP," said Puneet Sarin, Leica Biosystems vice president and general manager of its Pathology Imaging Business.
Please visit the Voicebrook at USCAP in San Diego, California March 3-5, 2014 Booth #916 for a demonstration of VoiceOver[R] and the new Structure Results Entry module.
Dako, an Agilent Technologies Company and worldwide provider of cancer diagnostics, unveiled the newest addition to its IHC portfolio at the 2013 USCAP congress in Baltimore, Maryland, today.
For national pathology organizations like the CAP, USCAP, and ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology), live tweeting in conferences, using a backchannel (#hashtags), can alert people to course schedule changes, last-minute registration and course availability, and can be used for electronic voting.
NRG is a member of USCAP, a diverse group of business and environmental organizations calling for mandatory legislation to achieve significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.