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"Over the short term, the trade war is indeed hurting American companies," said USCBC President Craig Allen, a former senior US government official and expert on China, adding, "Losing market share is easy and gaining it back is very, very difficult.
In May 2013, the USCBC reported that, although the central government had largely been successful in ensuring that sub-national governments complied with implement Hu Jintao's January 2011 commitments, 13 provinces had not yet issued any measures to comply.
The USCBC elected Muhtar Kent, the CEO of The Coca-Cola Company and the chairman of the Board of Directors, its new chair.
China: The US-China Business Council's (USCBC) 2007 Member Priorities Survey reflects a mood of optimism.
Washington -- Several important decisions were reached at this year's mid-November meeting of USCBC. A proposal to join with other Christian groups, mainly evangelical, in an ecumenical alliance called Christian Churches together in the U.S.A., was approved by a 151-73 vote.
Their investment is motivated more by access to the Chinese market for specialty and high-technology products rather than cheap labor (USCBC, 1990).
* Access computer on-line databases, including DIALOG, Mead Data Central, WilsonLine, NewsNet, WEFA Group, On!, USCBC, and Maxwell Online BRS.
Washington: The Board of Directors of the U.S.-Cuba Business Council (USCBC), an affiliate of the U.S.
A new survey by the US-China Business Council (USCBC) echoes much of the optimism and many of the concerns cited by instrument makers in the article.
investors in developing long-term manufacturing joint ventures aimed at the Chinese market (USCBC, 1990).
(45) The US-China Business Council, "USCBC Summary of the PRC Steel Industry Revitalization Plan," p.