USCCUnited States Catholic Conference (now United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
USCCUnited States Chamber of Commerce
USCCUnited States Composting Council
USCCUnited States Cellular Corp.
USCCUnion of Spiritual Communities of Christ
USCCUnited States Corps of Cadets
USCCUnited Students of Color Council
USCCUnited States Chaplains Corps, Inc.
USCCUS Car Centre (French automobile club)
USCCUnited States Corps of Chaplains (christian paramilitary service organization)
USCCUnited States Camel Corps (Civil War era)
USCCUnited States Community College
USCCUniversity of South Carolina Columbia (Fort Jackson, SC)
USCCUS (United States) Sweepstakes Claims Compliance (Las Vegas, NV)
USCCUnited States, Canada, Caribbean (Rotaract)
USCCUnited States Central Command
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If this was an easy project, it would've been done long ago by someone else," said Michael Virga, executive director of the USCC.
The acquisition of USCC fits perfectly into our strategy and will yield great returns for customers, suppliers, and employees alike.
USCC is a perfect fit and its integration will deliver excellent returns for clients, suppliers and personnel.
The USCC argues that the new EU-US free trade agreement should not only focus on eliminating tariffs, but also seek further liberalisation of services, as well as an enhancement of investment and greater regulatory convergence.
We wanna apologize for harm taken by the Symantec USCC and others, but without them being involved things which do occur in our state would never be covered and taken to the public, sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to achieve.
The meetings also dealt with organization of USCC members to Basra, Baghdad and Arbil in September and November to discuss investment chances and participation in trade fairs expected to be held in those cities," he added.
That's why Cary Oshins, the education program coordinator for the USCC, recommends phasing in your program.
In reducing the number of warehouses used by the Unilever, from 600 in 2005 to 250 in 2010, USCC aims to trim logistics expenditures by 15%.
USCC 16th Annual Conference and Exhibition, Oakland, Calif.
9) Hereafter cited as 3/16/06 USCC hearing and 9/15/05 USCC hearing.
business agenda and evidenced the close working relationship between the USCC and AMERICAN CHAMBER/MEXICO, including the dire need of promoting an immigration reform in the U.
FCCs were more concentrated in wholesale trade and financial services while USCC were more concentrated in nonfinancial services.