USCCUnited States Catholic Conference (now United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
USCCUnited States Chamber of Commerce
USCCUnited States Composting Council
USCCUnited States Cellular Corp.
USCCUnion of Spiritual Communities of Christ
USCCUnited States Corps of Cadets
USCCUnited Students of Color Council
USCCUnited States Chaplains Corps, Inc.
USCCUS Car Centre (French automobile club)
USCCUnited States Corps of Chaplains (christian paramilitary service organization)
USCCUnited States Camel Corps (Civil War era)
USCCUnited States Community College
USCCUniversity of South Carolina Columbia (Fort Jackson, SC)
USCCUS (United States) Sweepstakes Claims Compliance (Las Vegas, NV)
USCCUnited States, Canada, Caribbean (Rotaract)
USCCUnited States Central Command
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The acquisition of USCC fits perfectly into our strategy and will yield great returns for customers, suppliers, and employees alike.
The meetings also dealt with organization of USCC members to Basra, Baghdad and Arbil in September and November to discuss investment chances and participation in trade fairs expected to be held in those cities," he added.
The USCC allows the company to remove traditional boundaries between product categories as well as countries.
Conference registration forms, the complete schedule and other information is available at the USCC Web site at www.
income tax returns--including the percentages reporting zero liabilities--and (2) the differences in FCCs and USCCs in terms of age and industry concentration and the extent to which these differences might explain tax reporting patterns.
Iron John"--as Dearden was known--looked forward to the time when the USCC would evolve into the collaborative body of "shared responsibility" he saw as a true outgrowth of Vatican II.
Many business executives have already signed a letter put together by the USCC in support of CIAO funding.
Wright, bishop of Pittsburgh and chair of the USCC Social Action Department, announced the formation of a 45-member urban task force, assigning it responsibility for the design and implementation of the charge given by "A Statement on the National Race Crisis.
The USCC is headed by Peter Verigin's great-grandson John J.
The appendix relies more heavily on the USCC Commentary (1977), than on the Vatican statement of 1975.
The NCCB and the USCC were established in 1966, just after the Second Vatican Council.
Michael Virga, executive director of the USCC, said, "The Sustainable Sites Initiative, working with its partner organizations as well as numerous stakeholder organizations and technical advisors, is a major proponent for the creation and maintenance of healthy soils and sustainable landscapes.