USCCBUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Washington, DC)
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Beginning with John Paul II and his announcement of a program he called the New Evangelization, Catholic schools have had to reevaluate how well they were providing faith leadership formation for their students (CCE, 1997; Francis, 2013a; John Paul II, 1997, 1999; USCCB, 2005b).
So, even as the Church collected political victories in the form of individual state conscience clauses, the CHA and the USCCB remained focused on a move designed to protect them in court: revision of the Directives, by now a chronic source of frustration for hospital administrators.
Rather, USCCB, the Alliance Defending Freedom and other social conservative groups have turned these arguments around to their decided advantage.
Last fall, American Life League joined the Reform CCHD Now coalition after Bellarmine Veritas Ministry released a report exposing several USCCB grantees who actively promoted an abortion and same-sex marriage "rights" agenda.
Despite the ban on abortion, the directives do not "preclude anyone from being given appropriate medical care," Linda Hunt, a USCCB executive, said in an affidavit.
George Higgins, the great labor priest, if anyone at the USCCB might be able to direct it so that it would be, from a Catholic perspective, kosher.
The appointment to lead the National Review Board was made by Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, who serves as president of the USCCB.
Ever since, Smith and other USCCB supporters have been denouncing Obama, accusing him of an unconscionable attack on religious freedom.
that the USCCB has any authority whatsoever to bind dioceses/eparchies to obey the charter.
Previously, he worked in the Office of International Justice and Peace in the USCCB Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development.
Washington DC headquartered USCCB is "an assembly of the hierarchy of the United States and the U.
Since both the bishop's annual meetings and the USCCB are based in Washington, D.