USCCRUnited States Commission on Civil Rights
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After the USCCR report came out, most of what I was seeing in the Twittersphere and in letters and news reports was negativity toward what I had said and what the commission had said.
When I came aboard in 2011, President Barack Obama appointed me and Roberta Achtenberg, making her the first openly gay member of the USCCR, while I was its first Latino chairperson.
The Republican-controlled USCCR is up in arms over a revised ABA provision that calls for law schools to demonstrate "concrete action" toward promoting diversity among students, faculty and staff.
But USCCR Commissioner Michael Yaki says the reasons affirmative action exists cannot be ignored.
Press Release, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Four Asian-American Groups Join Call for the Removal of Kirsanow from USCCR (July 30, 2002), available at http://www.