USCCRUnited States Commission on Civil Rights
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After the USCCR report came out, most of what I was seeing in the Twittersphere and in letters and news reports was negativity toward what I had said and what the commission had said.
When I came aboard in 2011, President Barack Obama appointed me and Roberta Achtenberg, making her the first openly gay member of the USCCR, while I was its first Latino chairperson.
Commission on Civil Rights found that federal agencies generally have not narrowly tailored their preference programs by considering race-neutral alternatives as required by the Supreme Court in Adarand, nor have they made the "concentrated race-neutral efforts" envisioned by the Department of Justice in its post-Adarand opinion (USCCR 2005, ix).
In its 2004 report, the United States Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) noted that Black students do not achieve as well in school as White students.
The Republican-controlled USCCR is up in arms over a revised ABA provision that calls for law schools to demonstrate "concrete action" toward promoting diversity among students, faculty and staff.
But USCCR Commissioner Michael Yaki says the reasons affirmative action exists cannot be ignored.
Historically, the United States has been accused of pursuing a racist policy in regard to the granting of refugee status (USCCR, 1-19); therefore, it was not surprising that some of the international human rights organizations questioned its attitude toward Haitian migrants.
The fine print of this act focuses on the elimination of immigration visas to extended family members" (USCCR, 2002, p.
Title VI as Tools for Achieving Environmental Justice, the USCCR