USCDUnited States Commerce Department (usually seen as US DoC)
USCDUnited States Civil Defense
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The terms of this arrangement have been reviewed and approved by USCD in accordance with its conflict of interest policies.
Garfein is an infectious disease epidemiologist at the USCD School of Medicine.
Further work is being undertaken to increase the sample size used and the confidence associated with failure pressures calculated from USCD ILI data.
Since its introduction in 1994, the shear wave ultrasonic crack detection tool (USCD) has inspected more than 32,000 km of pipelines (Marreck et al, 1999, Uzlec 2000, Wolf 2001).
USCD tools report crack fields and features classified as crack-like, weld anomaly, metal loss, inclusion, geometry, and installations.
As with all detection and measurement systems and as required by API 1163 (API, 2005), the USCD tool has a probability of detection, classification, and measurement error that has to be accounted for when calculating the remaining strength of the defects in the line.
Swain's husband, Edward Holmes, dean of the USCD medical school and a ranking official with the California Stem Cell Institute, is also leaving for Singapore to work as a government researcher.
The equipment can be uscd for a large number of packaging applications in the cosmetic and household product industries.
The biggest mistake that has been made in the service, is that it has been uscd as a political football over the years.
(20.) USCD Healthcare, Laboratory Services Guide, Clinical Laboratories, University of California, San Diego.
Contact Todd Elvins, San Diego Supercomputing Center, Box 85608, USCD, San Dieog, CA 92138; (619) 534-5128; email: