USCDUnited States Commerce Department (usually seen as US DoC)
USCDUnited States Civil Defense
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Further work is being undertaken to increase the sample size used and the confidence associated with failure pressures calculated from USCD ILI data.
Figure 1 shows a typical signal recorded by the USCD ILI tool as it passed by an SCC colony.
As with all detection and measurement systems and as required by API 1163 (API, 2005), the USCD tool has a probability of detection, classification, and measurement error that has to be accounted for when calculating the remaining strength of the defects in the line.
During its 12-year history, the reliability and accuracy of the USCD tool has been verified through the excavation of over 1,100 anomalies.
When an individual cracking indication is recorded by the USCD inspection tool it is categorized as "crack-like.
The SCC had been detected by the USCD ILI tool during inspection, verified in the ditch and the section removed.
CEPA interaction rules were applied to the USCD data and a failure pressure was calculated, based upon the interacting lengths and maximum depths (Table 2).
Work is being undertaken to increase this sample size and the confidence associated with failure pressures calculated from USCD ILI data.
She is actively involved in many San Diego Professional organizations, including: Public Relations Society of America, BIOCOM San Diego, USCD Connect, San Diego, Telecom Council, MIT Forum, San Diego Software Internet Council, High Tech Marketing Alliance, and American Electronics Association.
He is a Board-certified internist and oncologist, a Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), Director of the Cancer Pharmacology Program at the USCD Cancer Center and a member of the faculty of the UCSD Biomedical Sciences Program.