USCEUnited States Army Corps of Engineers (usually seen as USACOE or COE)
USCEUnited States Clinical Experience
USCEUS Computer Exchange (Troy, MI)
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"The bank will convert an existing $50 million loan to USCE into equity and provide the company with an additional $50 million in share capital," EBRD said.
The EBRD will also help USCE to improve its operational efficiency and competitiveness, as well as helping the company to enhance its health and environmental practices to meet international standards.
Straight lane saturation flow and other data--measurement results by registering the headway Intersection Average time Saturation Length Relation of name of amber flow of green number of light use (s) (veh/hr) light (s) measurements/ saturation cycles/cycle in which passing through 'amber light' was registered Rudo 3.36 2195 22 40/39/39 Karadardev trg 2.45 1967 17 70/58/55 Hajat 2.29 2209 38 35/30/27 Juzni bulevar 2.10 1818 31 27/12/10 Cvijiceva 1.88 1856 42 36/15/14 Usce 1.50 2169 38 30/28/22 Palmoticeva 1.25 2011 32 27/16/14 London 1.21 1791 34 28/14/8 Table 5.
tax treaty partner), is the wholly owned subsidiary of USCe, a U.S.
At least three massive explosions were reported when missiles struck the 20-storey Business Centre Usce, which houses offices of Milosevic's ruling Socialist party and two local television and radio stations.
The 23-storey Usce Centre building in New Belgrade, hosting the offices of Milosevic's ruling Socialist Party as well as transmitters for some of Belgrade's television and radio stations, was hit at 1.10am local time for the second time in a week.