USCENTAFUnited States Central Command Air Forces
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In addition, the numbers of dollars and individual transactions for USCENTAF are much greater than equivalent data received from other commands and organizations that supported OIF.
The USCENTAF Central Processing Site (CPS) is the accounting branch for the comptroller staff.
Moseley became USCENTAF commander in November 2001--one month into Operation Enduring Freedom.
USCENTCOM, is responsible for military contact programs and joint exercises, and relies on its subordinate commands--US Army Central Command (USARCENT); US Central Command Air Forces (USCENTAF); US Naval Forces, Central Command (USNAVCENT); US Marine Component, Central Command (USMARFORCENT); and USSOCCENT--to execute these activities.
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At first glance, there appears to be abundant guidance available to CCOs to help mitigate any adverse effects associated with these challenges, including AFFARS Appendix CC for Air Force contingency contracting support; (14) Air Force Instruction 10-401, Air Force Operations Planning and Execution; (15) the 2003 Air Force Logistics Management Agency contingency contracting handbook: (16) as well as formal training through the Defense Acquisition University (17) and predeployment orientation programs (limited to office chiefs) provided by USCENTAF contracting.
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Sergeant Michael Linville works in United States Central Command Air Forces (USCENTAF), responsible for building all tasking for new bases operating in the Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Area of Responsibility (AOR).
Although the methodology is applicable to any potential theater, only United States Air Force Central Command (USCENTAF) with storage at Defense Distribution Depot Kuwait (DDKS), is considered in detail.
For example, during FY06 in the USCENTAF Area of Responsibility (AOR) industrial mishaps increased by 50 percent.