USCENTCOMUnited States Central Command
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Once approved for release outside USCENTCOM, the JLLCT report on OIF Lessons Learned (LL) was extremely successful in garnering top leadership support to resolve larger issues beyond the USCENTCOM commander's authority or capability to resolve.
USCENTCOM requires a resilient and flexible infrastructure throughout the AOR
Launched from the Wallops Island Flight Facility aboard a Minotaur I launch vehicle on June 29, 2011, ORS-1 has been satisfying the mission needs of USCENTCOM and others ever since.
There are approximately 250 USCENTCOM Coalition representatives and their families living in Tampa.
Eagle Resolve has been the premier USCENTCOM exercise with our Gulf partner nations since its inception in 1999," stated USCENTCOM's director of exercises and training Maj.
She was named the USCENTCOM Army NCO of the Year for 2006.
Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm: JCSE provided the communications between the in-theater forces and the commander of USCENTCOM.
He also supervises the longrange planning, daily operations, and validation and sustainment operations for the USCENTCOM AOR.
The 595th has established the aforementioned enduring systems and has cemented the 595th TTG as a permanent organization in the USCENTCOM theater.
Franks was appointed commander of USCENTCOM in the summer of 2000.
LCDR Keith Rhodes, director of the CRC, acted as the single Naval Ordnance combat planner throughout the entire OIF planning phase, which included participation in several TPFDD Conferences and planning meetings at USCENTCOM.