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USCGUnited States Coast Guard
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Now that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the USCG have achieved two consecutive "clean" audit opinions, all levels within the USCG are realizing the audit is not just about accounting, it's also about leadership and management, points that have been articulated clearly from the top down in the USCG.
George Batsakis, executive vice president of SRA's National Security Group, commented on the achievement: "SRA has been privileged to support critical missions within the USCG for 10 years.
International Training and Technical Assistance: The USCG provides international training and technical assistance to enhance the interdiction capacities of international partners.
The USCG estimates that over half of the capsized boats and/or individuals falling overboard that result in deaths involve alcohol use.
The USCG delivers its entire leadership development program from its Leadership Development Center, it includes a one-week leadership and management school for civilians and leadership development for mid-grade civilians (GS 12 through 14).
Navy service again in WWII is also described, along with conversion of fishing trawlers to USCG duty in WWII, use of ocean station cutters, and the Coast Guard's expanding role in regards to recreational boaters and boating-in search, rescue, education, and navigation aids (loran).
Coast Guard to provide support for the maintenance, modification and transfer of USCG maritime assets around the world," said International Group President Harry Flammang.
Announced today that the American Presidents Line vessel "APL England" will be used to complete the next phase of full USCG Type Approval testing
This article discusses the unique and innovative approaches that the USCG employed in applying several federal accounting and property management standards to account for its real property assets.
3) The USCG has a great burden thrust upon it to protect the entry of maritime vessels into US waters and ports based on national security concerns of terrorism, hazardous materials accidents, and cargo and human smuggling.
Most recently, the USCG signed a set of operational procedures with the Bureau of Coastal Navy & Merchant Affairs of Ecuador, which facilitate cooperation in cases involving Ecuadorian flagged vessels suspected of engaging in maritime drug smuggling activities.
The boats council helped CBP take advantage of large-volume discounts to purchase six boats through an existing USCG contract, saving an estimated $300,000.