USCIUnited States Colored Infantry
USCIUnione Statistica Comuni Italiani (Italian: Italian Municipalities Statistics Union)
USCIUniversity College Sedaya International
USCIUnited States Crude International (stock symbol; Redlands, CA)
USCIUnited States Computers, Incorporated
USCIUnited States Career Institute (Fort Collins, CO)
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Street Humphrey of the 49th USCI found himself deemed innocent of mutiny charges against him.
Under the deal, USCI will immediately order a "sizable" amount of smartheart devices already this quarter with a target of buying at least 1,000 smarthearts until the end of 2016.
Kappner, Memphis, TN, 31 July 1865, Issuances, Box 40, Regimental Books and Papers, 59th USCI USCT, Colored Troops Division, RG 94, NARA [G-217 FSSP].
Montgomery Ward, for example, has USCI kiosks in 260 of its Electric Avenue & More stores, Lechmere stores and the new Home Image at Lechmere format.
Previously, he has worked in several other roles, including cost analyst, controller of the Vascular Systems Division, vice president and controller of the USCI division, vice president and group controller for Bard's Global Cardiology Unit as well as vice president and treasurer.
In another area, a USCI cellular telephone self-service hookup station walks consumers through the normally complicated process of hooking up a cellular telephone.
He has worked in sales and sales leadership roles in the Davol and USCI divisions of CR Bard at the start of his career.
AngioScore and USCI Japan, a prominent distributor of medical devices in Japan, have collaborated for several years to achieve this critically important milestone.
We are extremely pleased to welcome the employees and clients of Merithew Incorporated to the USCI organization," said Chris Boyd, president of USCI.
Teleflex Medical and Integra Lifesciences in addition to further investments from Merck, Wyeth, Baxter and Genzyme following key investments in 2006 from Cordis, USCI and Vistakon, among others.
Michael Van Zandt, USCI Japan CEO, added, "Japanese physicians are keenly interested in utilizing the best medical technology, and the AngioSculpt represents a truly innovative advancement for improving patient quality of life.