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USCIBUS Council for International Business
USCIBUS Communications Intelligence Board
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He returned to Sullivan & Cromwell after 1992 and became chair of the US industry expert group at USCIB, where he became a leading advocate for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's ill-fated Multilateral Agreement on Investment, designed to spread this expanded property rights for investors worldwide.
In large measure this was the position set out by USCIB and USTR--State Department.
USCIB objected that the draft failed to recognize the importance of the UCP, relegating it to mere incorporated contract language that could not displace any Code obligation of good faith, diligence, reasonableness, or care.
The USCIB was then appointed by the Treasury Department to govern and administer the Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) carnet system in the United States.
We are thrilled to honor Andrew for his commitment to global business and to reviving the American manufacturing sector as a pathway to job growth and long-term prosperity," said USCIB Chairman Harold McGraw III, chairman, president and CEO of The McGraw-Hill Companies.
group made up of USCIB as a representative of business, the AFL-CIO representing labor, and the U.
USCIB promotes international engagement and prudent regulation in support of open markets, competitiveness and innovation, sustainable development and corporate responsibility.
This award will be presented by USCIB Chairman Dean R.
In that letter the USCIB praised the administration's timely initiative to conduct a formal interagency review of energy and climate change policies.
now part of Qwest Communications), who had been USCIB chairman since 1995 and who began a two-year term as
Niles as USCIB President, to succeed Ambassador Abraham Katz effective February 1, 1999.