USCLAUnited States Club Lacrosse Association
USCLAUniversity of Southern California Los Angeles
USCLAUpper St. Croix Lake Association (Wisconsin)
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Shelley's passage on the sun in the cave with the shape all light flinging "Dew on the earth" (353), as well as the sun replacing the mask of darkness, recall Dante's description of the sun in Purgatory when, having reached "its highest point, and night circling opposite to it, was issuing from the Ganges with the Scales, which fall from her hand when she exceeds the day, so that, there where I was, the white and rosy cheeks of fair Aurora, with her increasing age, were turning orange" (33) ("suo piu alto punto; / e la notte, che opposita a lui cerchia, / uscla di Gange fuor con le Bilance, / che le caggion di man quando soverchia; / sl che le bianche e le vermiglie guance, / la dov' i' era, della bella Aurora / per troppa etate divenivan rance" [2 3-9]).
Colored Light Artillery (hereafter USCLA); Jackson Bowers, 84th and 87th USCI; Green Colyar, 15th USCI; Nelson Ellis (alias Joseph Ellis), 52nd USCI; Renty Gibson, 21st USCI; Washington Granville, 128th USCI; Nelson Jeffries, 125th USCI; Cruel McCray, 33rd USCI; John Ransom, 4th U.S.