USCNUniversal Service Control Number (US FCC)
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Part B), the company LIFE TECHNOLOGIES (Part C), companies BioVendor, USCN Li-fe Science, Immundiagnostik,
Luyken has joined USCN as CEO and will lead the company together with Kersten, who remains Executive Chairman.
In addition to this option agreement, BioTime and USCN signed a distribution agreement granting BioTime and its subsidiaries the right to market over four thousand diverse ELISA and CLIA kits for detecting a wide array of other proteins for the stem cell research market.
USCN Life Sciences offers thousands of diverse antibody-based assay kits for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and chemiluminescent immuno-assay (CLIA).
Both CUZD1 (E84635Hu; USCN Life Science) (http:// www.
USCN Life Science, the manufacturer of the CUZD1 ELISA kit, provided recombinant CUZD1 from Escherichia coli but repeatedly declined our request to provide pure capture and detection antibodies for these studies.
We like USCN because they have a $450 million gold reserve at their COD Mine in Arizona.
From this evaluation USCN could conclude potential reserves as follows (NOT NI 43-101 Compliant):
USCN will be initiating the initial phase and the results in the near term.
USCN has entered into an Investor Relations contract with Investing In Stock Market Inc.
USCN intends to capitalize on this global opportunity.
The company's common stock began trading on the Nasdaq National Market on March 8, 1993 under the symbol USCN.