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USCOUnsafe School Choice Option
USCOUnited States Copyright Office
USCOUnited Scottish Clans of Oklahoma (Midwest City, OK)
USCOUnited Senior Citizens of Ontario Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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Chromiumtrade SA chief executive Francesco Ruffo di Calabria said it would "selectively channel USCO products to a reliable and stable customer base".
Ingeniero Agricola y Maestria en Ingenieria y Gestion Ambiental, USCO, Colombia.
El mayor crecimiento microbiano reportado en las zonas ZIN, USCO y ZIS se debio a que en estos lugares, dada la contaminacion ambiental y ciertos factores biologicos, sociales, climaticos y geograficos, la carga microbiana es alta (2).
Exposicion de Javier Guerrero, Panel "50 anos del Libro La Violencia en Colombia" (Neiva, XVI Congreso Colombiano de Historia, USCO, 2012).
De acuerdo con USCO (2005) la zona presenta un clima semiarido ecuatorial, caracterizado por una temperatura anual media de 30[grados]C, con dos periodos lluviosos y dos secos en el ano, una humedad relativa promedia de 64% y brillo solar que se acerca a 5 horas/dia.
901(b)(S), USCO, subject to certain limitations, may claim a credit for its proportionate share of foreign income taxes paid by FP.
La primera huelga por parte de los obreros contra la USCO fue el ano de 1914.
It means that for bistatic or multi-static radar imaging, the USCOs used by transmitter need not to be synchronized to the USCO used by receiver provided that the two basic crystal oscillators have small frequency difference and high stability, because the frequency difference of the two USCOs leads to SNR loss in incoherent imaging.
ITR Middle East, a unit of USCO spA (Italy) and a leading specialist distributor of after-sales parts for construction and mining equipment, recently moved into a modern newly-built facility in Jafza.
This process occurs every 3 years, and in late December 2008, the USCO published the most recent list of possible exemptions.
Even now, every piece of mail sent to Capitol Hill, where the USCO offices are located, goes through an irradiation process, slowing down the delivery of mail by days or even weeks.