USCPUnited States Capitol Police
USCPUnited States Cultural Pluralism (course)
USCPUnicos Station Call Processor
USCPUnited States Commercial Paper
USCPUniversity of South Carolina Press
USCPUniversity Short Course Programme
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The assignment of a Prime-1 rating to NBAD's USCP program reflects two primary considerations: (1) the promissory notes issued under the program will be unsubordinated and unsecured obligations of NBAD, (2) the notes will, at all times, rank without preference or priority among themselves with all unsecured and unsubordinated obligations of NBAD.
Moody's has aligned the Prime-1 ratings on the USCP of Natixis, New York
26) USCP is the law enforcement agency responsible for the protection of "Members of Congress, Officers of the United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and their families.
The USCP, which is an extension of the earlier programme rated on 5 October 2010, benefits from a USD200m irrevocable direct-pay letter of credit issued by Bank of America (NYSE:BAC).
sorghum taking a leadership role in the burgeoning gluten-free market with the help of Broadhead + Co," said Virgil Smail, USCP executive director.
He was arrested without incident and transported to USCP headquarters for processing.
In addition to providing security and protection, USCP agents were needed to interact with other law enforcement officials who themselves were operating in a disaster area under extremely difficult circumstances.
29) The GAO then found that the USCP had dual tracks to seek a waiver: from either the Speaker of the House or the Secretary of the Senate.
In an effort to reduce the number of people being let go, there will be furloughs in the coming months but they will be limited only to those on the USCP corporate payroll who make over a certain salary.
From January 2004 through March 2007, GAO made 46 recommendations aimed at improving USCP administrative and management operations and achieving strategic goals in these areas.
BOB THOMPSON Executive Vice President USCP WESCO, INC.