USCRUnited States Committee for Refugees
USCRUnited States Customs Regulations
USCRUnited States Caudate Registry
USCRUniversal Self-Care Requisite (nursing theory)
USCRUniform State Court Rule (Georgia)
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Three of the top five self-care needs about which occupational and physical therapists believed caregivers most frequently wanted information were classified under Orem's (2001) prevention of hazards USCR.
Of the 7,271 Kosovar refugees accepted for settlement in Canada, 5,051 were accepted for immediate resettlement as part of the Kosovar Refugees Emergency Evacuation (KOS) program, and 2,200 arrived as part of Canada's Kosovo Family Reunion (KOF) program (CRS and CERIS 2001; USCR 2000).
29) Thus, whether a USCR participant's accruals will be taxed annually depends on the precise configuration of the plan as to the type, compensation level, and number of other employees covered (if any).
In a section on USCR Findings, it is recognized that there is some malnutrition and that "a large number of people .
According to the USCR, an estimated 750,000 to 850,000 Indonesians were internally displaced in 18 of Indonesia's 26 provinces at the end of 2000 -- including 215,000 to 285,000 in Maluku, and 207,000 in North Maluku.
The Amnesty and USCR reports contribute to a growing literature on a kind of chronic human rights crisis, which has its roots in a wide range of problems - among them, persecution, war, corrupt land-tenure systems, and resource scarcity.
In addition, USCR will market patented and patent-pending technologies used to rekindle marginally producing wells to profitable levels.
Built as the first mass-produced, GT3-based car designed and manufactured in the United States, the Chrysler Group's Street and Racing Technology (SRT) Motorsports V-10 thoroughbred emerges from the factory eligible for a wide variety of competition arenas in addition to USCR, including the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), North American Road Racing Association (NARRA), Pirelli World Challenge GT Class and International GT3 Championships.
but shareholders should retain their USCR stock certificates.
14, 10 June 2004; US Committee for Refugees World Refugee Survey 2004 (Washington DC: USCR, 2004).
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