USCRUnited Sportscar Racing (race sanctioning body)
USCRUnited States Committee for Refugees
USCRUnited States Customs Regulations
USCRUnited States Caudate Registry
USCRUniversal Self-Care Requisite (nursing theory)
USCRUniform State Court Rule (Georgia)
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PCI producer member Clark Pacific recently delivered the four-story Roseville (Calif.) City Hall Annex, the first building to achieve platinum rating under the USCR rating system.
26 USCR. Pakistan: Afghan Refugees Shunned and Scorned.
In other words, according to USCR 1887, Iran continues to be assured of receiving all benefits available without discrimination to NPT-signatories in good standing.
and Smyth, E., Evidence from 33 European societies, Working paper, Dublin, Goodwin-Gill G: 'UNHCR and Internal Displacement: Stepping into a Legal and 2000 Political Minefield' World Refugee Survey 2000 USCR June 2000.
IMPLAN[TM] Professional Uscr's Guide, Analysis Guide, Data Guide.
There will also be a daily update of the unofficial sugar conversion rate (USCR) pricing information," she says.
HMIA Haiti: Migrants Interdiction Agreement IIRLG International Human Rights Law Group ILO International Labour Organization NCHR National Coalition for Haitian Refugees OAS Organization of American States USCR U.S.
These 49 items were randomly listed and framed under Orem's (2001) eight USCRs. The original survey included a category for each USCR (Pierce et al., 2003).
Kosovars were also given a unique option: they had two years to determine if they would like to stay in Canada or return to Kosovo/a; (3) the Federal Government would assume all expenses if they chose to repatriate (Tetrault and Tessier 1999, USCR 2000).
(27) Under these rules, the USCR participant (absent treaty protection, discussed below) is taxed as vested transfers or contributions are made or as the participant's interest vests.