USCRUnited Sportscar Racing (race sanctioning body)
USCRUnited States Committee for Refugees
USCRUnited States Customs Regulations
USCRUnited States Caudate Registry
USCRUniversal Self-Care Requisite (nursing theory)
USCRUniform State Court Rule (Georgia)
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City Hall Annex, the first building to achieve platinum rating under the USCR rating system.
32 USCR interview with UNHCR representative Hasim Uktan, Islamabad, June 2001 .
Three of the top five self-care needs about which occupational and physical therapists believed caregivers most frequently wanted information were classified under Orem's (2001) prevention of hazards USCR.
Of the 7,271 Kosovar refugees accepted for settlement in Canada, 5,051 were accepted for immediate resettlement as part of the Kosovar Refugees Emergency Evacuation (KOS) program, and 2,200 arrived as part of Canada's Kosovo Family Reunion (KOF) program (CRS and CERIS 2001; USCR 2000).
29) Thus, whether a USCR participant's accruals will be taxed annually depends on the precise configuration of the plan as to the type, compensation level, and number of other employees covered (if any).
China and (the) North Korean authorities are cooperating just as closely as ever in forcibly returning North Koreans back to North Korea,'' USCR policy analyst Jana Mason said at a press conference on the report.
US Committee for Refugees (2002), Sea Change: Australia's New Approach to Asylum Seekers, USCR, Washington
Department of Transportation, Headquarters Intercom, 8 September 1998; Immigration and Refugee Services of America, World Refugee Survey 1998 (Washington, DC: USCR Publications, 1998); Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy website [less than]www.
20, 2017, was adjourned and a new special meeting of Polaris' security holders to consider the USCR Arrangement will be held on a date to be determined by the board of directors of Polaris.
US Committee for Refugees, "Funding Crisis in Refugee Assistance: Impact on Refugees," USCR press release, 20 November 2002.