USDA-ARSUnited States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service
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A team of USDA-ARS and Kansas State University (KSU) researchers has been addressing the problem over the past year, helping subsistence farmers prevent postharvest grain losses of up to 30%.
Scott Baerson is in the USDA-ARS Natural Products Utilization Research Unit, P.
He is also responsible for the research and administrative leadership at the USDA-ARS HERU Laboratory.
Lawrence, USDA-ARS Quality and Safety Assessment Research Unit, Richard B.
Gams] by the USDA-ARS at Ames, IA (Tachibana et al.
These statements include the USDA-ARS' use of the PCT SPS and the results of the USDA-ARS studies as presented at the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference.
Daigle, USDA-ARS Food Processing and Sensory Quality Research, Room 2128, Building 00, Southern Regional Research Center, 1100 Robert E.
For more information, contact Rosalie Marion Bliss, USDA-ARS Public Affairs Specialist, Rosalie.
Donna Rhodes is in the USDA-ARS Food Surveys Research Group.
Pina Fratamico, USDA-ARS Eastern Regional Research Center, Microbial Food Safety Research, Room 2111.
GP-244, PI 639867) was developed by USDA-ARS in cooperation with the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2005.
Under the terms of the lease agreement, the USDA-ARS will pay PBI a monthly fee, is expected to purchase a minimum number of processing containers (PULSE Tubes) each month, and has the right to purchase the instrument at any time during the three year lease term.