USDAAUnited States Dog Agility Association
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USDAA titles range from AD (Agility Dog) to VS (Veterans Snooker) with champion title of ADCh.
For example, USDAA has one "standard" class and four "games" in each of its three levels or "divisions," i.e., novice, advanced, and masters.
Among the various agility organizations, Canine Performance Events (CPE) and NADAC offer the most agility classes, closely followed by USDAA, with AKC offering the fewest.
For example, it costs an average of $14 for a standard class in USDAA and $8 to $10 for each of the four games.
And if you expand your horizons to include several of the different agility venues (USDAA, CPE, ASCA, etc.), you might be able to stay closer to home than if you only compete in one of them.
The specifications listed here are based on USDAA requirements for the Championship division.