USDBUnited States Disciplinary Barracks
USDBUtah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
USDBUnion Safe Deposit Bank (Stockton, CA)
USDBUS Discount Brokerage, Inc. (Columbus, OH)
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Soldiers do not carry the same tools on their utility belts in the USDB as they do when they patrol at Fort Bragg.
COMS, orientation and mobility specialist, USDB, 3098 South Highland Drive, Suite 105, Salt Lake City, UT 84106; e-mail: <nanap@usdb.
The USDB at Fort Leavenworth is the center of correctional excellence for the US Army.
One such PTSD treatment program can be found at USDB Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
Most importantly, the dental assistants working within the confines of USDB gain one thing that most criminals lack, a sense of self-worth.
Food is slid into cells through narrow slots, and a small window at the foot of each door lets the guards, known within the USDB as correctional specialists, chain inmates' ankles before they're escorted out for showers or fresh air.
Today, the Board approved the separate application filed by Applicants to acquire USDB Bancorp ("USDB") and its subsidiary bank, Union Safe Deposit Bank, both in Stockton, California ("the USDB transaction"), under section 3 of the BHC Act.
Barr, along with USDB commandants, surgeons and chaplains, presented briefs on topics such as "Crimes and Criminals of the American Army.
APPRO provides us with a faster turnaround in the entire lending process, and superior tracking ability resulting in better and quicker customer service and branch support," said Ralph Sutliff, manager of the consumer loan department at USDB.
Although all previous USDB executions have involved hanging, lethal injection has been designated as the current method to be used for military executions.
It is important to provide some background information about USDB to understand how the incentives for participating in behavioral health programs in SHU actually work.
Although neither the mission of the USDB nor that of overseas confinement facilities was drastically changed, the second tier of the ACS was totally eliminated.