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USDCUnited States District Court
USDCUnited States Department of Commerce
USDCUnited States Display Consortium
USDCUnited States Digital Cellular
USDCUniversal Switched Data Capability
USDCUniversity of Santiago de Compostela (Spanish university)
USDCUnder Secretary of Defense Comptroller
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Circle, valued at $3 billion in its most recent funding round, issued USDC a few weeks ago and with the joint venture announcement, Coinbase is making it available to its customers on Coinbase Pro and
Because there is no applicable boating laws or court decisions, the USDC declined the plaintiff's request to entertain the notion of holding boating policies unenforceable.
The USDC continued to develop estimates of hardwood lumber production that excluded production at smaller sawmills in 2009 and 2010 (Fig.
Chang et al., "Modeling and computer simulation of ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer (USDC)," IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, vol.
Embassy in Taipei closed in that year, and Ambassador Pamela Slutz, acting director of the American Institute in Taiwan from 2001-2003, donated to the USDC the consular stamp from the former Embassy Taipei.
In addition, Karl contacted several staff members at the USDC to ask for an exemption from the tariff because the amount of wooden bedroom furniture being imported was immaterial and posed no threat to the U.S.
Bilateral trade has, thus, markedly risen in 2010 from a year earlier when it had stood at 2.1 billion dollars, according to figures released by the USDC.
For the fourth year in a row, QVD, a producer of striped pangasius fish from Vietnam, has been certified by the United States Department of Commerce's (USDC) Seafood Inspection Program as meeting stringent standards for sanitation, quality and food safety.
See also USDC, ND Ill, Local Rule 83.5 (recognizing a privilege for acts and statements made in "non-binding alternative dispute resolution").
The Civil Aeronautics Board, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission employed 789 staffers in 1977, 2,178 staffers in 1976, and 1,504 staffers in 1968, respectively (USDC 1968, 1977).
The most popular second generation systems are United States digital cellular (USDC) standards IS-54 and IS-136, Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), Pacific Digital Cellular (PDC) and CDMA One [1].
Display Consortium (USDC), a public/private partnership chartered with developing flexible electronics and display technologies, recently announced a $280,000 cost-shared award to Arizona-based Sigma Technologies International.